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   casa canarina          the cottage by the sea is named after a beautiful

vine (canarina canariensis) that blooms in spring in the wooded areas of the Canary Islands.

   Facts and didcription 


From the outside,  you can reach the breathtakingly beautiful room of the  casa canarina  via one step.

The house was built in the beginning of the penultimate century, about 1810, with a 3.60 m high wooden roof
(Hipped roof) and 60 cm thick natural stone walls (they protect in summer of the heat and in winter of
the cold). In this century it got a parquet floor.
It has a kitchenette with sink and work surfaces, kettle, blender, thermoses, cups, tea, coffee, towels, etc.,
a narrow wardrobe, carpets, plenty of pillows, roll-up mattresses, a CD player with amplifier and speakers.
Adjacent to this room, there is a 4 sqm bathroom and a staircase (8 steps) that lead to the roof terrace.
The bathroom has a toilet, a shower, a hand basin and space with towels.
the  casa canarina  is a 36 square meter meditation room, which also the guests of the casa marina
rent for seminars or meetings, or for your own retreat
to ensure. The two houses are next to each other in a quiet street of the old town of Garachico.
From the inside they are connected, share the same staircase and the same roof terrace.
From the  casa marina, you can reach casa canarina from the inside, halfway up the stairs (10 steps)
Direction roof terrace. Every street has its own front door to the street.
On the large planted roof terrace (80 sqm) there is a washing machine, the hot water boiler of the
casa canarina, a closet (with blankets, pillows and games), many sitting areas for eating, working or
relaxing, garden loungers, with covers made of natural materials, parasols and lighting for
the evening. From all corners you have beautiful views of the town, the sea and the mountains.
Guests are requested to don't bring animals and, if they smoke, to smoke only on the terrace,
so that the house retains its fresh fragrant atmosphere.
Free internet connection is provided on the terrace and in the  casa marina.
The WLAN does not penetrate the thick stone walls of the  casa canarina.

   From here ...


On foot, directly from the casa canarina, are leading hiking trails up to the mountains.
2 - 4 minutes on foot, lies the Atlantic Ocean, the small sandy beach and the bathing area 'El Caletón'
- which was created by a volcanic eruption 320 years ago -,  a park - with an old wine press and the 
former port gate 'Puerta de Tierra' from the 16th century, near by a small square with fountain.
La plaza chica.
4 - 10 minutes walk to the largest Plaza of Garachico, "La Glorieta", with its historic buildings
and churches, various shops for food of all kinds, flowers, jewellery, handicrafts, craft supplies,
leather and pottery, sports equipment, mountain bike rent-out, clothing, etc., also many good
restaurants and bars, cafes, bakeries, ice cream parlours, two pharmacies, the Medical Center,
the tiled outdoor pool, the tennis and football field.
10 - 17 minutes on foot, a short walk along the coast, takes you to the chapel 'San Roque'
and the sports harbour from 2012.
Everything that is further away, but definitely worth seeing, such as pretty, bigger and smaller
Villages, the Cañadas del Teide, the Anaga- and the Teno mountains are best reached by car.
But the bus connections from Garachico are not bad either. In 1 or 2-hour intervals, there
are two buses that go everywhere - via connections in Icod de los Vinos or Puerto de la Cruz.